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Auctions And Liquidations

Sometimes time is an issue that forces the seller to dispose the assets quickly (usually one to six months). It could also be liquidity or space requirements, that speaks in favor of faster selling.

Having many years of experience in the auction business and cooperation with our affiliates in the auction business, Maskinvurdering ApS is in a better position to provide advice and the practical operations on site of an auction (setup, lotting, viewing and collection). The sale is performed according to the Danish auction law, which states that the sale is without guarantee and from site. In case of forced liquidations, no claims against the estate, Skifteretten and the auction company can be made if buyers have had the chance of viewing the equipment prior to the auction closing time. Private individuals have special rights to withdraw according to national laws.

The entire auction process usually takes 30 – 60 days depending on the nature of the assets and situation of the seller. Through our affiliate network partners we are able to provide auction services, who will market your assets to potential buyers of the database and targeted marketing.

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