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Used Equipment Sales

Maskinvurdering and its affiliate network partners can help turning your surplus assets into cash.

Selling surplus equipment may be time consuming. Owners are usually busy running the operation of the business and selling used production equipment may be unfamiliar. Maskinvurdering ApS brings value by offering a structured process aimed at maximizing value in a quick and efficient way with a minimum of resources from the owner.

  • We can provide you access to motivated buyers on a national and international basis.
  • We analyze your specific situation in order to determine how to achieve the best possible prices at the most efficient cost basis.
  • We prepare promotional material and use online and telephone marketing as well as targeted mail campaigns to attract buyers.

The online Negotiated Sale Process works by publishing the asking price of the seller and buyers making binding offers. This could be with or without a deadline, but having deadlines usually brings higher bids. The transactions and viewings are mediated by an experienced broker. In most cases, negotiates sales, with the right buyer, result in higher value than auctions.

Auctions works better with standard equipment or equipment of lower value and when the time factor is important.

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