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Flooring Plan Audits

Keeping track of assets is important not only to the company. Lenders and insurance companies also need to keep track of a wide variety of fixed and movable assets.

Maskinvurdering ApS may assist in producing audits to accurately record and reports based on standards set by the client.

Frequent details of the asset report is verification of location, manufacturer, model, serial number, condition and other relevant data including photos.

The fieldwork may provide the basis for further audits, reporting and monitoring.

Lenders and insurance companies may want to expand the flooring inspection with valuation reports. Especially lenders and insurance companies may want to know the value if faced with certain conditions like:

  • Risk of under-collaterization.
  • The customer faces financial or business hardships.
  • Repossession may become inevitable.
  • Risk of liquidation increases.
  • The loan or policy may be in danger of not meeting underwriting standards or withstand scrutiny of regulators and policies.

Weather your requirements include flooring inspection or valuations, Maskinvurdering ApS is there to assist you in providing the solution. Pls. call Jens Lynderup, tel.: +45 91 55 13 51.

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