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Intended Use And Level Of Assurance And Details

Intended Use

The intended use of the valuation is important. It may be documentation for the auditors, the tax authorities, lenders, insurance company or a business owner. Should it be used in litigations, conflict resolution or buying or selling equipment?

Some users look as much at the appraiser as the do on the report.

Level Of Assurance And Details

Only you can decide what level of details and assurance is best for you. The decision you make determines what kind of valuation, we recommend and the aggregation level we put on stock items and other assets.

We base our fees on the time involved and the complexity required. Before we start, we will confirm in writing our understanding of the assignment.
The experience we have in the process of forming an opinion of value is invaluable when it comes to inspection and researching. Theory and practical experience produce defensible and supportable valuation reports.

Methodology Of Value

Before we start a project, we confirm our understanding of the assignment, scheduling and fees. In most cases we set up…

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