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Why engage a professional appraiser?

  • A professional valuation fosters trust in the valuation through impartiality and objectivity. We provide you with professional services with knowledge and experience in performing similar valuations.
  • Also, you may get consultancy services related to asset management and disposals.
  • A solid base for conflict resolution.
  • Relying on book values do not provide a reliable opinion of value. Book value is a way to recover your investment for tax purposes only.
  • Relying on opinions of auctioneers and equipment dealers only provide partial details about the value and may not be sufficient for the type of valuation, you are looking for.

Maskinvurdering ApS delivers unbiased, professional, defensible and supported opinion of value of assets in a number of areas including:

  • Construction / craft businesses
  • Machine tools / engineering
  • Woodworking
  • IT
  • Chemical plants
  • Healthcare / pharmaceutical
  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Agriculture / horticulture

Maskinvurdering ApS covers a wide range of valuation reports for various situations:

  • Our knowledge and experience will deliver the best report to meet your requirements and to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Our reports are tailored to meet your individual requirements.
  • We do not valuate all type of asset. We do not valuate special property items (art, wine, antiques, collector automobiles).c
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