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Prime Asset Marketing

Sometimes a company has prime surplus assets for disposal due to operational consolidations, capacity upgrade or product line re-alignment or just being idle for some reason. These assets are usually in very good condition and are well maintained. Usually a lot of working capital is tied up in such equipment and requires a fast and efficient solution to transform this into cash. 

Maskinvurdering ApS and our Network partners are able to bring higher values of the disposal.

Instead of targeting wholesalers and used equipment dealers, the best profit is usually achieved when targeting end users at fair market values.

Maskinvurdering ApS and our Network partners employ multiple marketing techniques to increase market visibility and negotiate deals. The engagement is on an exclusive basis for a particular time or until sold.


Marketing Solutions

Usually asset managers are unfamiliar with selling used equipment or closing down production units. Finding the best marketing strategy…

Complete Facilities – Plant Closing – Asset Disposal

Assets sold on site and in operation usually achieve better prices. Buyers may be looking for a way to continue operation on site, if…

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