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Factors Considered In Valuation

Maskinvurdering ApS considers a number of factors when forming an opinion of value. Preparing a valuation involves research and analysis of all relevant information and being able to make a qualified judgment of relevant factors to make a qualified opinion of value. These factors include both objective and subjective findings. Experience, research and common sense plays an important part. We look at factors like:

  • Recent sales of comparable assets by dealers and auctions
  • Condition
  • Technology
  • Obsolescence (technically or economically)
  • Market conditions
  • Costs of moving and installing
  • In some cases, we consider income generating capacity

Methodology Of Value

Before we start a project, we confirm our understanding of the assignment, scheduling and fees. In most cases we set up…

Intended Use And Level Of Assurance And Details

The intended use of the valuation is important. It may be documentation for the auditors, the tax authorities, lenders, insurance company or…

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