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Valuation Report

Each valuation assignment is unique and reports are written to include observations, assumptions, and a well-supported opinion of value.

A valuation report may be prepared to meet the requirements and standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP) or IVSC, International Valuation Standards Council. These standards dictate a minimum reporting requirement of the information to be included in a report.

We also prepare reports with less rigorous requirements, which are usually demanded by local customers: Going Concern, Orderly Liquidation and Forced Liquidation (auction bid amounts).

If appropriate Maskinvurdering ApS also adds commentary and critical analysis of the evaluation considerations affecting the value of the assets.​

What Is The Valuation Report?

An independent opinion of value. A statement describing the purpose of the valuation, the scope, the value definition used and the key…

Report Types


We can deliver reports online or PDF printout, excel forms. Source document from our research may be provided upon request…

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