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What Is The Valuation Report?

  • An independent opinion of value.
  • A statement describing the purpose of the valuation, the scope, the value definition used and the key assumptions and limiting conditions.
  • Complete descriptions of the assets including location, manufacturer, model and serial numbers and asset numbers combined with photos and maybe videos.
  • An explanation of the research techniques and the methodology used to determine the value opinion.
  • Observations regarding the general conditions of the assets, their age and remaining useful life.
  • An opinion of the most appropriate market for the asset and market conditions.
  • On-line based report with option to print as PDF or spreadsheet.
  • Grouped based reports based on category or other criteria as well as grand totals.
  • Sources of information is retained with us and provided in case of questions being asked related to the value stated in the report.

On-Site Reports

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Desktop Reports

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USPAP Reports

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